Community Council

Yetholm Community Council meets on the lastTuesday of every month - with the exception of December - in the Youth Hall at 7.00pm. All these meetings are open to the general public and provide an opportunity to join in with matters and debates which directly affect the village. In addition to Councillors, the meetings are also attended by the local Regional Councillor from Scottish Borders Council and, duties permitting, the local police officers. The A.G.M. is held each April at a venue and time as publicised.

There are eleven elected Councillors who serve for terms of three years (renewable). Each Councillor takes responsibility for specific areas of interest (portfolios). A list of councillors, with their contact details, can be found by clicking here.

By clicking on the selection below, you can access the most recent approved sets of minutes from these meetings.

Minutes 1st January 2017

Minutes 28th February 2017

Minutes 28th March 2017

Minutes 25th April 2017

Minutes 30th May 2017

Minutes 27th June 2017

Minutes 25th July 2017

Minutes 29th August 2017

Yetholm Festival Committee
Yetholm Festival Committee is a sub-committee of Yetholm Community Council, with the principle objective of looking after the business and running of the annual Yetholm Festival Week. The sub-committee takes in representation from Community Council with additional assistance from ex-Principals and interested members of the public. Meetings are usually held once per month which unless otherwise stated, are open to the public.

Town Yetholm
Town Yetholm from Staerough


Community Council