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Halter Valley Archaeology Project

Members of Yetholm History Society, together with those from the Hawick Archaeological Society, are currently assisting the Berwick-on-Tweed based Border Archaeological Society undertake a survey of sites of potential archaeological interest in the Halter Valley.

Throughout the Middle Ages the Halter Burn marked the border between England and Scotland. The status of the area between the burn and the current national boundary was the subject of much argument and its acceptance as part of Yetholm Parish is a comparatively recent development. The landscape of the valley is dotted with hillforts, boundary dykes and abandoned settlements. Of particular interest is locating the site of the lost St Etheldreda's Chapel and the grange of Colpinhope, which belonged to Kelso Abbey.

The project is supported by the Scottish Borders Council and the Northumberland National Park Authority, both of which are providing funding. The objectives, apart from providing a single record which ignores the division created by the border itself, are threefold:

1. To improve the overall knowledge of the area and its past.
2. To highlight the historical significance of the Halter Valley and surrounding neighbourhood.
3. To focus attention on the largely unspoilt tract of country and the need to protect it from future unsuitable development.

It is anticipated that this project could take up to five years to complete.

Tom Broad
Stable Cottage
Town Yetholm.

View from Shotton Hill
A training day for members of the project. Photograph taken on Shotton Hill above the Halterburn Valley.