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Yetholm - The Finest Place

Yetholm is fortunate in having its very own DVD.This professionally produced DVD makes a superb gift or souvenir of this beautiful area. It is region free so can be sent all over the world. Easy to post or carry in a backpack. It can be asked for in the village store or obtained through


Life in the Border villages of Town and Kirk Yetholm (famous for being at the northernmost end of the Pennine Way) is vividly recalled by people who were born and grew up there from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen sixties. Find out about old customs and traditions, the impact of war, and the time when Yetholm was a thriving shopping centre. There were butcher's, baker's and grocer's shops. You could buy shoes or boots and get a suit made - all in the village. Follow the lives of the shepherds and their families in the remote valleys of the Halterburn and the Bowmont, as they reveal the skill required for their work. Hear how the daily routine of walking the hills, raking the sheep, and checking them, were crucial for the well-being of the flock. See the pride of a job well done through the breeding of champion stock, and learn about the self-sufficiency needed by those living in the outbye.

Combining interviews, beautiful locations, and wonderful period photographs, a past way of life is powerfully evoked.

If you would like to see an extract from the film, click - HERE