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Yetholm Floral Gateway Group
Yetholm Floral Gateway Group consists of volunteers from both villages who help look after the natural environment of Kirk and Town Yetholm. The photograph on the right shows the flower beds outside the village shop which the FGG created and maintain. In 2009 their efforts resulted in Yetholm winning SBC's Floral Gateway competition, 'Best Small Village' class. More volunteers are always welcome. If interested contact Ian Rendall Reid - (01573)420703
Yetholm Green
Yetholm Wauchope mem
You don't have to have green fingers to join the group - but it's probably good if you don't mind getting dirty. In 2012 the group repainted the railings around the Wauchope Memorial, a promnent feature on Town Yetholm's Green (left).
The FGG group lookafter several areas of planting around the village. The photo on the left shows the hanging baskets outside Yetholm Post Office, which are planted by the group and rented for a small fee each season to businesses in the village. Funds are also raised through coffee mornings, plant exchanges (below), the hanging baskets, and a pub quiz.
Yetholm PO flowers
Plant Sale
The FGG put a strong focus on tree planting and wildflower beds. The trees along the Morebattle Road were planted by the group. They are currently planning a wetland area on the Haugh with Yetholm Primary School. The photographs below show the wilflower bed created by the FGG which runs down Dow Brae. There are now well over 20 different species of wildflower growing in the bank.
Yetholm Wildflower Bank
Yetholm Bank workgroup